The regional Banknote of the Year Award recognises outstanding achievement in the design, technical sophistication and security of a banknote or banknote series, the key judging criteria being that successful banknotes should combine visual artistry and high levels of technical and security sophistication, with considerable emphasis placed on reflecting the cultural heritage of the issuing country in the note, and the relevance of the overall design and symbolism to the issuing country.

The new 20 Zloty note features three security features that have not featured on a circulating banknote before – Latitude, Aurora and Metalix. The banknote, which commemorates the centenary of the formation of the Polish Legions, features an image of Belvedere Palace in Latitude, the world’s first substrate-integrated diffractive optically variable device using silver nanoparticles that are not restricted to patch or stripe formats.

The note also includes an Aurora feature in the shape of tree leaves and the number 20 which shows a two-ink colour shift using angular metamerics. In addition, a striking blue Metalix – delivering a metalic ink effect – has been designed in the eye-catching shape of a large X made of blue ribbons.

The award was received by Marek Oles of the National Bank of Poland.