In addition to the regional banknote award, the Central Bank of Oman has been given a Special Achievement Award for its commemorative 1 Rial banknote, commemorating the 45th National Day, which is celebrated on the 18th of November.

The new note bears a portrait of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said and the signature of His Majesty at the centre of the note. In addition there is a watermark portrait of His Majesty on the right side of the note, the National Emblem at the centre and “Central Bank of Oman” in Arabic on top of the note.

The serial numbers are seen on right and left side of the note with the denomination in Arabic on right and on left side of the note. The wording “45th National Day” in Arabic appears on the right of the currency note.

The Al Alam Palace is featured at the right side of the note, and the new note includes a tactile feature on both sides of the note to assist the blind or people with vision impairments.

The vertical windowed security thread in two metallic colours is embossed at the left side of the note. The new banknote was issued in circulation as legal tender along with the Central Bank’s existing banknotes.

The banknotes have been redesigned and upgraded with leading-edge security features, greater harmony in the designs (which feature architecture on the front and cultural traditions on the reverse – each denomination relating to a specific region of the country), more contrasting colours and more use of optical effects.