The first award went to the Spanish National Police Corps, in conjunction with the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre (FNMT-RCM), for the latest version of Spain’s national ID system.

The card, known as DNI Electrónico 3.0, features a new operating system, and is the first national identity document developed on a dual interface chip. This allows for an electronic signature to be taken both in a contact-based and contactless mode. It also combines a national ID document with a travel document that can be used within the EU using a single chip.

With NFC connectivity, the public will be able to use their ID card to sign documents using a smartphone or tablet, by linking to an online platform using different e-government applications. This enables contact with police, town hall and social security authorities as well as the ability to manage traffic tickets and pay taxes. Authorities can also use the cards to verify citizens’ identities by using its NFC features with mobile devices.

The award was received by the Spanish National Police Corps and the FNMT.