The National Police Board of Finland won the Best New ID and Travel Document Series award for the new set of Finnish identification and travel documents.

Launched in March 2023, the visual theme is the Finnish Archipelago Sea, the world’s largest archipelago. The design incorporates recognisable national animals and flowers such as the Ladybug, Whooper Swan, Baltic Herring and Lily of the Valley – created in a variety of different techniques and styles.

The most visible changes in the layout of the documents are the unusually minimalistic cover design of the passports, the new orange colour of the temporary passports, and the larger size of the photo in the ID cards.

The series of documents incorporate advanced security features and biometric solutions to fight ID fraud and forgery, while still allowing for easy verification of the documents.

On the top edge of page 3 of the passport there is an intriguing feature where optically variable ink (OVI) gradually changes its appearance with the help of a diffractive effect, producing a distinctive colour switch which holds across the area.

A new functionality in both the passports and the ID cards is the 2D bar code for easier and more extensive machine reading.

There is also a function that allows upgrades of the documents’ security software in the field, which comes as part of Thales’s commitment to cybersecurity.