The winning entry in this category goes to IDEMIA and the new Latvia driving licence. It is the product of close cooperation between the supplier and the government agency and has resulted in a solution that is user-friendly for both licence holders and law enforcers.

Since January 2023, the residents of Latvia have benefited from a highly-secure driving licence that is ready onsite in approximately 15 minutes. The Road Traffic Safety Directorate (CSDD) of Latvia introduced the new polycarbonate driving licence, which contains LASINK™ Origin―a colour portrait securely embedded in the card, DID™ hologram, a secondary portrait (MLI positive/negative) and polychromatic UV printing.

Personalisation services are decentralised in ten production centres across the country, allowing Latvian residents to obtain a driving licence almost instantly. This is made possible thanks to a complete enrolment solution (hardware and software), including IDstudio―a high resolution photo capture device (for secure colour portraits such as LASINK™ Origin) with a small footprint and desktop personalisation equipment including laser printers with a small footprint and specific software for LASINK™ Origin personalisation.