The other joint winner of the Best New Passport was Latvia’s Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, for the new Latvian ePassport.

Latvia and the team at Veridos set out to produce a blend of tradition and technology in the new ePassport. It showcases Latvia’s rich culture through intricately designed pages depicting natural landmarks in flora and fauna.

It also includes three innovative security features that combine a transparent window and stripe elements with unique materials, personalised data and special effects.

Amber ID improves document personalisation by adding a metallic optically variable window with a positive-brilliant photo of the document holder that changes with colour, light and viewing angle.

Diamond ID is part of the LOOK® ID feature, a horizontal transparent stripe. Combined with semi-transparent Amber ID windows, LOOK ID offers a wide range of highly secure, dynamic features. Diamond ID is based on a special smart colour technology developed in collaboration with CST (Crime Science Technology).

The third feature, Spectre ID, makes static images appear to move when they are tilted. With Spectre ID, the special effect can now also be applied to the transparent window areas of cards and data pages in combination with the repeated holder’s image.

In addition to the documents, which were delivered in collaboration with the Portuguese state printer INCM, the contract between Veridos and the Latvian authorities includes the supply of the central personalisation system as well as support and maintenance services over a period of five years.