The quality of entries for the Best New National ID Card category was so high this year that it seemed unfair to have to decide between the top two entrants – so it was agreed to make this a joint award.

For the new Slovene Biometric Identity Card, the Slovene Ministry of the Interior, the Slovene Ministry of Public Administration and CETIS wanted to create the most sophisticated identity card that the current technology, security design and international standards would allow.

The new ID Card has strengthened security for easier identification and border crossing, outstanding design (inspired by Slovenian nature, history, culture and sport and compatible with other Slovene documents), state-of-the-art technology and a wide range of functionalities enabling secure and reliable electronic identification and electronic signatures.

The highest security level and the advanced functionalities of the new ID card are ensured by 34 security elements, including a chip and a photograph generated using three different techniques, as well as a transparent window where, next to the photograph, the initials of the individual’s name and their surname appear.

The Slovene Biometric Identity Card shares the Best New National ID Card with the second-generation Emirates ID Card. The introduction of the high-tech ID card is part of the ongoing upgrade of Emirati passports and national ID cards. The new identity docu