The award for the Best New Series went to the Swiss National Bank for the ninth banknote series, entitled ‘The Many Facets of Switzerland’, which has broken new ground in terms of design and security.

Each note in the new series depicts a typically Swiss characteristic (creativity, scientific expertise, communication etc), which is illustrated via an action, a Swiss location and various graphic elements.

The respective themes are time for the CHF 10, light for the CHF 20, wind for the CHF 50, matter for the CHF 200 and, for newly-issued CHF 1,000, language. The CHF 100, which will be released this autumn to complete the series, will have water as its theme, reflecting Switzerland’s humanitarian tradition.

The banknotes have been designed and printed by Orell Füssli Security Printing on a three-layer banknote substrate – Durasafe® – provided by Landqart. The substrate consists of two outer layers of cotton paper and a polymer core for reinforcement that provides greater stability and durability than traditional banknote papers, as well as variety of transparent and semi=transparent windows.

One of the main security features is the innovative two-colour KINEGRAM® Volume stripe, combined with a partially metallised KINEGRAM provided by KURZ incorporating the denomination numbers in two colours (red and green)., a map of Switzerland, its language region and the names of all the Swiss cantons.

Another key feature is the SICPA’s SPARK® feature printed as a shimmering globe.

Other features include a window, two watermarks, a see-through feature, UV and IR features, microprint, intaglio, security thread, security fibres and Microperf®.

In addition, the new banknotes have been designed to assist the visually impaired to distinguish between the various denominations via a series of short, raised lines along the notes’ long edges.

The award was received by Peter Kuenzli of the SNB.