The winner of the Best New National ID Card was the Federal Department of Justice and Police, Fedpol, for the Swiss ID card. It was launched alongside the new Swiss passport to form a family of identity documents with a uniform design focusing on the themes of mountains and water. Issued in March 2023, the card was completely redesigned and incorporates advanced security standards.

One of the new security features is the Thales Gemalto Laser Engraved Floating Image, where different laser engraved images seem to move or float when the card is tilted. Since this feature requires a special lens structure and sophisticated personalisation optics it is claimed to be virtually impossible to counterfeit.

The new card also features Thales Gemalto Window Lock, a transparent area with a positive and negative secondary image of the card holder, created by laser ablation of a thin metallic foil inside the window.

Another enhanced printed feature of the new card is Gemalto True Vision.  When viewed under UV light, an edelweiss flower becomes visible with its natural colours on the back of the card.