Pre-Conference Seminars

Presenter conference room

Monday 13 June 2022

Morning – Identity

Digitizing Identity: Benefits and Risks Highlighted by the Current Regulatory Landscape

In this interactive workshop we will provide the context of international remote identity verification and will compare and contrast different global approaches and how they impact user experience, fraud detection and document design.

This session is designed to bring together specialists from different fields to brainstorm problems and present their proposed solutions. All of the attendees will focus on distinct problems and highlight their insights for the benefit of all the participants.

Morning – Sustainability

Reducing the Environmental Impact of Cash

Sustainability has become a high-profile topic for good reasons. This seminar will look at what producers of cash and coins and what cash management stakeholders can do to reduce the environmental impact of their operations and the cash cycle. The aim of these talks, given in a workshop format to allow discussion and exchanges of views and information, is to share best practice and to provide examples which others might want to consider doing. They will include what has been done, and with what results, and how the organisations approached making these changes.  A specialist sustainability consultancy will introduce the topic and layout thoughts on how to plan a sustainability programme.

New Solutions to Support the Circular Economy

While reducing the environmental impact of operations plays a critical role in sustainability, is there more that the high security printing industry can do to use novel applications of its technology to help develop the emerging circular economy?

As the name implies, a circular economy (CE) extends the traditional notions of operations management to include production, consumption, reuse and waste management.

This part of the seminar will focus on the beginning and end of the CE (if that’s possible for a circle) – ethical sourcing and waste management. Many of the issues faced in developing and sustaining the CE are bound into identifying where materials have come from and where goods, after their useful life, are going to. These topics are familiar to many companies involved in the security print and identity industries, but which provide new opportunities for their solutions beyond the conventional applications for brand protection, track and trace and authentication.

Wherever you are on your journey to sustainability, this seminar aims to give food for thought about new opportunities to do things differently.

Afternoon – Currency

Going Inside Counterfeiting Print Shops

What would you expect to find inside a counterfeiting print shop? Using open source intelligence, this interactive seminar will develop your understanding of the equipment and materials used in counterfeiting operations and train you to identify them in media reports. It will be demonstrated that this approach can be useful for counterfeit analysis without having access to the counterfeits. This seminar will be of interest to delegates who have responsibility for examining and processing counterfeits or developing security features.