G+D is well known for its products such as banknotes, passports, paper for banknotes and passports, security threads and foils, machines for banknote inspection and destruction, ID and payment cards. For many decades these products have been manufactured ‘in-house’ at G+D and Veridos production sites.
It is less known that G+D and Veridos offer their production experience for other customers as well. This also includes security concepts and equipment for the physical and cyber security of production plants. Reference examples from previous years are a paper mill and foil production plant in Asia, cash centers in Asia, Africa and Europe, passport production plants in Middle and Far East and the lighthouse project of a banknote print works and cash center in Egypt.
For the many customers that now see the benefit of synergies and proximity between several production facilities, located in one big and well protected security compound, G+D is ready to assist!