More and more governments aim to offer their citizens an easy and convenient way of using online services to prove their identity, cast their vote or apply for social benefits. Modern electronic identity systems are increasingly supporting these multiple purposes by using a single document with. As diverse as the possible applications are, so are the requirements on governing ID documents in the different countries. These demands for versatility call for innovative eID solutions.
Veridos’ very own card operating system Sm@artCafé Expert 8.0 in combination with the Applet Suite 4.0 fully supports multi-purpose usage of a single document. While SmartCafé Expert 8.0 is the first card operating system that follows the strictest security standards of JavaCard 3.1 and Common Criteria EAL6+ to enhance the security of governments’ eID projects, Veridos’ Applet Suite 4.0 goes beyond. It comes with a configuration suitable for various standard requirements. However, country specific needs can easily be integrated as Applet Suite 4.0 is based on an open platform. With the support of Veridos’ experts, the development of additional customized applets is easy and convenient to integrate in existing systems. Governmental and non-governmental organizations benefit equally: declare taxes online, using e-signatures or managing commercial memberships at stores. The possibilities are endless.