A brand new Level 1 security feature launched at the first Global Currency Forum and shown to you for the first time here in Barcelona.

RELIEF™ is a striking colour shifting graphic 3D public recognition Level 1 security feature. The strong 3D effect gives high confidence to the public and generates trust in the seen security feature. Believe in what you see.

RELIEF™ is an environment-friendly metal-free liquid crystal based security feature, available for security threads, foil stripes or foil patches.

A range of colour-shifting effect is available to best fit the colours that you selected for your banknote design.

With RELIEF™, you will have the opportunity to integrate a brand-new design element which will appear in three dimensions and will be easily identifiable by the public.

It is a kid’s game to see the three dimensional effects and moving elements when tilted. The three dimensional illusion will let you think that the design elements are rising out of the banknote surface.

Having RELIEF™ on your banknotes is moving towards the future, with more environment-friendly and affordable 3D solutions. So it’s about time to make the switch to the latest generation of 3D Level 1 security features and enter a new era of three dimensionalities.

Join us at the Global Currency Forum during one of our workshops, during which we will present in detail all the features and benefits of RELIEF™ by Oberthur Fiduciaire™ and how we have discovered this innovation.