Neurocash will improve the design of the future banknotes. This neuroscience based methodology developed by the Banco de España and the LENI Institute of Universitat Politècnica de València will help issuing authorities to enhance the attractiveness and public engagement of new series.
Traditional perception studies only retrieve inputs on the human conscious mental processes since they are based on explicit responses obtained through questionnaires and interviews. Nevertheless, there is much to be gained from the study of the unconscious mental processes. Neurocash will provide valuable insights into the visual interest, attention to certain areas, emotions, motivation, the mental load and the level of stimulation of the public when interacting with a banknote.
Neurocash is a new methodology for conducting innovative perception studies of banknotes based on the application of neuroscience and artificial intelligence that offers an objective and scientific understanding of the public perception of banknotes and security features.
Neurocash provides a wide range of benefits such as:
• Data-driven decision making on the best design,
• Informed choice of security features,
• Assessment of the anti-counterfeiting resilience,
• Improvement of the banknote production efficiency,
• Evaluation of effectiveness of the communication campaigns.
Neurocash advantages can also be complemented with the use of Virtualcash. This tool enables the creation of new banknote designs in a virtual environment.