The global picture of the population that lack any form of legal identity is alarming – about 1 billion people are estimated to be identityless according to the World Bank Group and about half of this population are said to be from the African continent. The COVID and post-COVID era have created more global awareness about the indispensability of identity for all and the need for the achievement of SDG 16.1, “legal identity for all, including birth registration by 2030”.
In recent times, Africa is attaching much priority to building good and robust digital ID system as a catalyst for political and socio-economic development and have enacted and promulgated identification system protocols/policies at the regional – African Union (AU) and sub-regional (ECOWAS, SADC, EAC) blocs to ensure responsible adoption, implementation and interoperability of the Systems.
Ghana, a member of the ECOWAS sub-regional bloc on the African continent has made huge progress in embarking on a digital identification drive. The nation has followed through best global identification practices and standards, hence the recent certification of the Ghanacard as an ePassport by ICAO.