To fight against counterfeiting and fraudulent attacks, we need to protect the new generation Identity Documents by different levels of security features integrated with one another. Different levels means that they must be overt, covert and forensic; but it also means that they must be visual, tactile and structural. The inner layers of an identity document (cards or passport) need to contribute effectively to guaranteeing the integrity and the authenticity of the document.
Recently, many counterfeited documents have been intercepted with fake operating system, chip and inlay (containing the RFID antenna). We know that counterfeiting masterminds exploit every weakness of an identity document. Today, an inlay that does not bring any additional security features is a potential weakness. Inlays need to include security features and/or structural specificities, which will be combined to other level of security features and work harmoniously with the overall security design of the document. This presentation will illustrate different way to secure an ID document from its core to stay one step ahead of counterfeiters.