It is crucial to protect the portrait, as it is the undisputable link between the document and its holder. In 2015, IDEMIA developed LASINK™ unique color technology to secure portraits on polycarbonate ID documents. Over the years, many countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Morocco and Colombia, have adopted this technology.

In recent years, we have seen an increase in color portraits on identity documents. To accommodate this growing demand, we are extending the LASINK™ product range to secondary portraits.

After successfully integrating color portraits in DOVID (LASINK™ Helios), IDEMIA will be unveiling secure color photos in a transparent window at the High Security Printing conference in Tallinn. In this new variation, the high definition LASINK™ color portrait comes complete with an additional relief and depth effect. This offers the highest level of security against ID document fraud while ensuring quick and unambiguous authentication.