Paper-based driver’s licenses served Uganda well for many years. However, in some instances for traffic policemen, the inability to access an up-to-date centralised database made it impossible to be certain that the license being presented was original, still valid or without endorsements. Have additional classes been added illegally or did the holder have unpaid fines outstanding?
Uganda decided to address these problems once and for all using the very latest digital technologies available. The solution, developed in conjunction with Veridos GmbH, is user-friendly for both license holders and law enforcers. It eliminates these uncertainties and helps to reduce the number of unqualified drivers causing carnage on Uganda’s roads.
The new system has cut the waiting time for a new license from over 90 days to just an hour. Authentication is done using biometrics and scanning of licence numbers and renewal alerts are sent to drivers well ahead of their license expiry date. Uganda’s Digital License is ISO compliant, with advanced security features, IIN and a polycarbonate designed by Veridos, making it the first country in COMESA, SADC and E. Africa to have an ISO compliant DL.