Tuesday 7 March 2023

09:00 – 12:30 Currency – DOVIDS for Currency – Technologies, Market Dynamics and Recent Developments

Paul Dunn & Micaal Sidorov, International Hologram Manufacturers Association

Diffractive optically variable image devices (DOVID) of which holograms are a specific type have been used for the protection of banknotes for over three decades now. They were first introduced as an anti-copying feature and few people in the highly conservative banknote industry thought that their use would ever catch on. The subsequent take-up was slow – due not just to the banknote community’s traditional caution over an unproven technology coupled with the long gestation period for new banknote features, but also the limited availability of suppliers and application equipment, and the expense.

DOVIDs are now considered to be one of the main and most effective public security features and are used on around 300 denominations worldwide. They have developed into complex features produced using different proprietary techniques and technologies and are no longer limited to traditional iridescent effects. But they also face some stiff competition from other optically variable devices such as colour-shifting effects and micro-optics.

This seminar will cover all aspects including material science, technologies, production, application, history, design and features of diffractive security foils on banknotes. It will present an overview of the technologies, industry and the latest trends and developments driving it. It will also consider the various requirements and challenges this sector is facing, particularly from alternative optically variable products. Not least the seminar will cover counterfeiting – or more precisely, how DOVIDs can prevent it.

The seminar will be delivered on behalf of International Hologram Manufactures Association (IHMA), a non-profit organisation representing around 80 of the world’s leading hologram manufacturers whose mission is to support, set standard and advance holographic technology for authentication of products and documents and other fields of application.

09:00 – 12:30 Identity – Document Fraud in an Online Environment – the Challenges of Digital ID Verification

Michael van Gestel, Onfido (UK)

With the digital revolution of the 21st century, millennials, governments, and corporations have increasing requirements for self-service, quick and reliable document authentication remotely and at scale. The revolution is upon us and fraudsters have access to better technology, leaked data and a vast library of faces from social media. 

This workshop will focus on the challenges global organisations deal with when trying to stop targeted attacks in a document-not-present environment.

During this interactive workshop we will share some of the latest fraud rings we have detected and the results of our research that can help you make better informed decisions regarding document authenticity in an online environment.

Afternoon Tour – Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

On the afternoon of Tuesday 7th March delegates will be offered the opportunity to attend a tour to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

This is the largest mosque in the UAE and can hold up to 40,000 worshippers and 15,000 visitors. The mosque was commissioned by, and named after, the first president of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Respectful clothing is a requirement for visitors to enter Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. 

18:30 Welcome Reception

Wednesday 8 March 2023

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Session 1 – Currency and Identity Documents in EMEA


Welcome Address

Assistant Governor Saif Al Dhaheri

Central Bank of the UAE (UAE)


Strength Through Partnership and Location – Oumolat Security Printing

Martin Wenzel

Oumolat Security Printing (UAE)


Preservation of the Environment When Manufacturing

Phil Holland

Komori Corporation (Japan)


The Revamp of the EU Laissez-Passer

Claudia Schwendimann

Österreichische Staatsdruckerei (Austria)

10:30 Session Q&A
10:50 Break – Refreshments

Session 2 – Currency Developments                              

Session 2 – Developments in Travel and Identity Documents


Neurocash – A New Way of Designing Cash

Miguel López

Banco de España (Spain)


Little Things Make Perfection

Khaled Farouq

Central Bank of Egypt (Egypt)

Fadi Saadallah

Philopateer (Switzerland)


What Will Drive Banknote Demand in the Future?

Anikó Bódi-Schubert

The Central Bank of Hungary (Hungary)


The New 20 000 Tenge Banknote of Kazakhstan

Askhat Abishev

Banknote Factory of the National Bank of Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan )

Muriel Schuler

Landqart (Switzerland)

13:00 Session Q&A


The New ePassport for the Kingdom of Bahrain

Matthew Sugdon

HID Global (UK)


The New Swiss Passport – Pushing the Concept to the Summit

Paolo Mazzi

Federal Department of Justice and Police (Switzerland)


The New Turkish Passport

Derya Demir

Darphane, Turkish State Mint and Printing House (Turkey)


The Art of Secure Document Conception

Fanny Dilda

IN Groupe (France)

13:00 Session Q&A
13:20 Lunch

Session 3 – Design & Security


Kinegram Security Features – The Clearest and Most Intuitive Mark of Genuine Banknote

Thomas Kleindienst

Leonhard Kurz (Germany)


Pulsar ™ Threads – a Dynamic Response to the Threat of Counterfeiting

Julien Gillot

Oberthur Fiduciaire (France)


Artificial Intelligence in DOVID Design

Robert Dvorak

IQ Structures (Czech Republic)


Durability and Creativity go Hand in Hand

Antonio Riccio

Landqart (Switzerland)

16:10 Session Q&A

Session 3 – Design & Security


Don’t Forget the Booklet: An Overview of Security Features for the Physical Document

Gerben van Wijk, Gerben van Wijk

Luminescence Sun Chemical, International Tax Stamp Association (UK, UK)


How to Design Identity Documents in a Changing World

Barna Barabas

JURA (Hungary)


How Window Protection Enhances the Security of ID Documents

Faten Ben Jemaa

Veridos (Germany)


Quantum Computers are Coming! What This Means for Cryptography in ID Documents

Jérôme Boudineau

IDEMIA (France)

16:10 Session Q&A
16:30 Extended Exhibition Viewing


19:00 Gala Dinner and Presentation of Regional Banknote and ID Awards

Thursday 9 March 2023

Session 4 – Production and Sustainability


A Guide to Repurposing Unfit Shredded Paper Banknotes

David Tidmarsh

Reconnaissance Intl (United Kingdom )


Flexible & Simple Processes: the key to efficiency

Nathalie Serra

Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions (Switzerland)


Did You Know? Plant Engineering by G+D

Bertram Bungartz

Giesecke & Devrient (Germany)


Sustainability in the Destruction Process of Banknotes

Gabriel Moser

Hunkeler Systeme AG (Switzerland)

10:30 Session Q&A

Session 4 – Electronic ID and Biometrics


The Importance of Securing ID Documents from its Core

Mathieu Ammar

Linxens (France)


How Innovative eID Solutions Make Life of Citizens Easier

Nicholas Larter

Veridos (Germany)


Scalable and Adaptive Solutions for Electronic ID Documents and Citizen Authentication

Franck Ferrandino

Infineon Technologies (Germany)


Innovative Biometrically Verifiable Certificates for Government and Private Companies in EMEA

Ameya Bhagwat

TECH5 (Switzerland)

10:30 Session Q&A
10:45 Break – Refreshments

Session 5 – Understanding the Cash Cycle

Session 5 – Document Fraud and Anti-Counterfeiting


Towards a More Secure, Efficient and Sustainable Cash Cycle

Zeina Abdo

SICPA (Switzerland)

Martin Patterson

SICPA (Switzerland)


Illusion and Paradox in a Changing World

Jonathan Ward

Securamonde International (UK)


ICA Cash Policy White Paper

Jutta Buyse


12:30 Session Q&A


The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Document Fraud

Joachim Caillosse

Secure Identity Alliance (France)


Think Like a Fraudster – Decoding New Behaviors

Rizlane Chertah

Onfido (United Kingdom)


Printing and Production Technologies or Anti-counterfeiting

Wolfgang Meixner

Heidelberg Instruments Mikrotechnik (Germany)

12:30 Session Q&A
12:45 Lunch

14:00 Session 6 – Technology and Innovation


Shifting Focus from Business-2-Government to Business-4-People

Ihar Bayarenka

Industrial Innovation Group (UAE)


Innovative Solutions for Polycarbonate IDs

Robert Dvorak

IQ Structures (Czech Republic)


The Spirit of Gizeh

Jan Hofmann

Hueck Folien (Austria)

16:10 Sessionl Q&A
16:30 Closing Remarks, Farewell Cocktail Reception