High Security Printing EMEA

Location To Be Announced

Spring 2021


It has been splendid, excellent presentations from distinguished players in the currency and ID documents ecosystem. The coronavirus threat couldn’t stop HSP EMEA, Lisbon, Portugal!

National Identity Authority, Ghana


About High Security Printing EMEA

The Regional Forum for Secure Document Technologies

The latest technologies and techniques in the production and issue of banknotes, ePassports, ID cards, visas and other secure documents across Europe, Middle-East and Africa.

The conference, which provides excellent networking opportunities alongside the programme and exhibition, is complemented by a number of social events, including a welcome cocktail reception and gala dinner.

Attendance at the EMEA events is generally in the region of 300-350, with attendees not just from the region, but all parts of the globe. This provides an excellent opportunity to meet senior level decision makers in one location and will be of interest to those companies already working in, or looking to expand into, European, Middle-East and African region.

Government organisations are provided an attractive fee structure whilst Europe, Middle-East and Africa delegates who live and work in the region are also eligible for reduced rates.

High Security Printing™ EMEA focuses on government-specified and issued documents, including currency, fiduciary documents, excise stamps, ID cards, e-passports, visas, vehicle documents and licences, with a particular emphasis on banknotes and the emerging technologies for ID and travel documents. As in previous events, speakers will be specialists in their field providing technical presentations, including some regional case studies. Running in tandem with the event will be a trade exhibition of approximately 30 exhibitors working in the currency, e-passport, smart card, authentication and related industries.

High Security Printing EMEA is one of a trio of regional events from Reconnaissance, with its two sister events – High Security Printing Latin America and High Security Printing Asia – also taking place annually, serving their respective regions.

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Government Organisations

Who Should Attend the Forum?

  • Governments
  • Central banks
  • Banknote issuing authorities
  • Issuers of passports, ID and travel documents
  • Regulators/Enforcement
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Document examiners
  • Border and immigration control
  • Counterfeit analysts
  • Specialist Service Providers & Equipment Suppliers
  • State printing works
  • Commercial high security printers
  • Suppliers of substrates, security features and biometrics
  • Suppliers and integrators of passport and ID systems
  • Pre-press, printing, finishing and inspection equipment manufacturers
  • Suppliers of specialist services for the security printing and ID markets

Programme Outline

Pre-Conference Seminars

Our pre-conference seminars enable you to gain an in-depth understanding of a topical issue.

Exhibition Opening & Welcome Cocktail Reception

General Sessions

The first day of the conference is dedicated to exploring the bigger picture, discussing the principal drivers behind government policy and regulation as well as best practice in developing and enforcing tax stamp programmes.

Evening Dinner & Awards

General Sessions

On day two we take a more in-depth view of the specific authentication and supply chain security solutions available, as well as the practical implementation of these in tax stamp programmes around the world.

Farewell Drinks