The Regional ID Document of The Year aims to promote the best in security printing, system infrastructure and implementation of a government passport, identity or other security card scheme.

The new Irish e-passport is both more attractive and secure than its predecessor and combines the latest security technology with selected imagery that represents the culture, history and people of Ireland.

Prime for both security and Irish culture is the image of the Brú na Bóinne stone printed using SPARK® colour shifting ink technology. Another feature involves images situated on the edge of each pair of pages – when the pages are partially bent for the edges to be side by side, the two images form a complete image. The new passport also features poems from three of Ireland’s’ best-known poets – Nuala ní Dhomhnaill, William Butler Yeats, and James Orr.

The contract to design and produce the new passports was awarded to a consortium led by the Irish security printer DLRS, HID and the Central Bank of Ireland – and the cost of the new passports is nearly half that of their predecessors, which will result in annual savings of around €4m.

The award was accepted by Fiona Penollar of the Irish Passport Office as well as Joseph Callaghan and William Byrne of DLRS.