Bank Al-Maghrib is rolling out a new series of banknotes in four denominations, the first since 2012. Designed and produced by its printworks, Dar As Sikkah, the first two new notes in the series – the 100 and 200 dirhams – issued last November and this January respectively –received the Best New Banknote award.

Both banknotes feature a portrait of HM King Mohammed VI.  The main theme of the new 100 dirham banknote is the Moroccan Sahara. The key security features are a registered 5mm wide Galaxy® windowed security thread, which matches the gold-to-green colour shift and movement effects of the SPARK® Live denomination numeral.

The second note in the new series, the 200 dirham, is themed on the economic and industrial development achieved under the King’s leadership. As with the 100 dirham note, the 200 dirham also features an optically variable windowed security thread – this time RAPID®– along with SPARK® Live for the denomination numeral.