The first award went to the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Tanzania for the new Tanzanian ePassport.

Tanzania has moved from an MRP booklet to a phased implementation of a complete eImmigration system in January 2018, with the first stage of the project, including the issuance of the first ePassports, being only four months from contract award to completion.

The new ePassport features a polycarbonate datapage incorporating laser engraving technology, an optically variable feature and positive and negative embossing incorporating an MLI lens. The datapage also carries an ICAO compliant secure RFID microcontroller chip and operating system with ICAO LDS 1.7 as well as BAC, EAC and the latest SAC/PACE security mechanisms, certified up to EAL6+.

The design of the booklet captures local themes and cultures across the visa pages, datapage and end papers, helping to engender a sense of national pride in the carrier.

Notable features include end papers with duplex security patterns and rainbow split duct printing, and two colour Intaglio printing incorporating a latent image and an optically variable print feature. Among the security features on the visa pages are rainbow split duct printing in both visible and invisible inks, Foredge registration feature and hidden page identifiers.

One of the benefits of the new ePassport solution is that the holder can have an emergency passport on their smartphone, if their passport is stolen or lost in another country. This passport, verifiable electronically by the embassy, allows the traveller to obtain the necessary document to return home or request a replacement passport without the need for further online checks, filling out forms or other time-consuming tasks. The mobile emergency passport has been developed using HID’s mobile goID solution. The new ePassport will, at the same time, make travel easier for the country’s citizens, through the use of automated border control stations.

The passport booklet is one component of an end to end system solution to support the enrolment, adjudication, personalisation, issuance and authentication of the ePassport, plus border control and eVisa systems.

The transformational project has been instigated by the Department of Immigration of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Tanzania and delivered by HID Global, their local partner Softnet with booklet manufacture by DLRS Security Concepts (now Smurfit Kappa Security Concepts) and design by Absolute Graphics.

The award was presented to Tanzania’s Commissioner of Immigration for Passports and Citizenship Gerald Kihinga and Henry Mkuzi of HID Global.