The second winner of the House Note award went to Komori for its Phoenix 2023 house note, produced to celebrate its centenary and which brought to life its concept of ‘Power to the Print – Technology that Empowers’.

A collaboration with Jura, Landqart and SICPA, the note was intended to demonstrate the potential for security through print alone, and combines classic, proven security printed security features with some of the latest technologies, including digital printing used for the numbering.  This has allowed each banknote to be unique and to interact with mobile phones.

The main design feature on the front is the Phoenix, the legendary immortal bird that lives forever by rising from the ashes of its predecessor, along with an image of Mount Fuji. The back depicts the company’s production plant at Tsukuba, further images of the Phoenix, and cherry blossom.

The design uses 17 offset and five intaglio colours, including five ultra-violet (UV) colours.  The note was produced in partnership with Landqart, whose Durasafe® substrate was used, SICPA  for the inks, and Jura, which produces pre-press systems and software, and security features.  The house note contains level 1, 2 and 3 security features.

Unusually, the note also uses digital inkjet printing for numbering the banknotes and linking images of phoenixes to the serial numbers, each note having unique numbers and images.  One of the serial numbers is modulated in a unique wave shape.  The Jura technology links to these digitally printed numbers and images.