Jura is a global brand name as a reputed supplier of the security printing market.
Jura’s design software packages are in function at more than 100 governmental and licensed security printers worldwide. The new Corvina software family provides a complete solution for banknote and high-security design.
The Passport and national ID documents are the most important printed security products after banknotes. One of the revolutionary developments in this version would be the passport design module. The big question is: What is revolutionary?
In the presentation we try to give some hints about some of the possibilities, but we deliver a solution for all kind of challenges within the security pre-press from planning, design, imposition, quality control and much more.
ID document personalization
Jura is the global pioneer in supplying security solutions against photo-replacement on ID documents. Jura’s technology encodes invisible personal data into the portrait, directly linking the photograph both to the document holder and the document itself, be that the main ID image or a secondary one.
In the center of all the developments is the customer and this is not a marketing phrase this is the philosophy of the company. Hopefully in the presentation we give a hint what are we talking about.