Creation of a new security document is exchiting and hectic project requiring several persons and parties contribution. This presentation opens the curtain to what actually happens in the background and what is far more colourful than the polished process describsion may indicate. The challenge of aligning views between project team, forensics experts, and high-level cabinet members often has an impact on project implementation, as the document design and print proof is often on the critical path. Some unfortunate incidents related to launch of security documents may even reach the media. A typical incidents found are misspelling of texts, name not matching the object or wrong original used. These unwanted surprises are part of the challenge of implementation of new document and when surprise reaches the news, it has usually passed many good filters. Numerous real cases will be presented and explained. This presentation will give an insight to variaty of surprises that has happened. Short analyzes of why certain surprises are more common than others will be discussed and some countermeasures are proposed. With help of these examples we might still find something to improve in our design process.